ImmotionAR Team

Immotionar (shortened in iar) is a division of Beps Engineering, focused on emerging technologies, particularly virtual reality. Our mission is to make virtual reality as similar as possible to reality, to amaze its users.

Our adventure started in 2013, from the dream of two guys that, leveraging the latest Augmented Reality technologies, wanted to make everybody live amazing immersive experiences. We were too much ahead of time and the technology was not yet ready, so we switched to Virtual Reality, discovering that… it was not yet ready, too. It gave us some more opportunities, but it had two great problems: interaction with virtual worlds were really awkward (mouse and keyboard!) and Gianni suffered a lot from cyber-sickness, so he was unable to move in VR using keyboard without feel like vomiting. So, we got a pair of Oculus Rift, a Leap Motion and some Microsoft Kinect sensors and started experimenting. With a lot of work and the generous help from Beps Engineering, in 2014 the Immotionar division was born. Here, we developed our first prototypes of immersive virtual reality. After lots of experiments, failures and some international achievements, in the end we managed to create ImmotionRoom, a system that, using virtual reality headsets and off-the-shelf sensors, is able to make virtual reality completely immersive and natural! We hope that, with the support from you all, our dream can go on…


Gianni Rosa Gallina

Head of Division and Software Architect

Currently he is the head of ImmotionAR division and he is Software Architect/Developer in BEPS Engineering since 2007, Pluralsight Author since 2013, graduated MSc Information Technology Engineer at the Polytechnic of Turin in 2009. Since 2011 he has been awarded Microsoft MVP for Windows Development (former Embedded/IoT).

He owns a number of Microsoft certifications, including "MCSD App Builder" and "MCSD Web Applications", and he is Microsoft Specialist for Embedded technologies and .NET.

Since 2014, he's focused on Virtual Reality (Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, OSVR, Samsung Gear VR, Unity 3D), Augmented Reality, Computer Vision, wearable technologies (Android Wear and Microsoft Band) and NUI (Natural User Interfaces), in the specific using Microsoft Kinect, Intel RealSense and Leap Motion sensors. He also develops Windows/Windows Phone/Android apps and cloud solutions, using ASP.NET MVC, Umbraco CMS and Microsoft Azure.

He is a trainer for Windows Embedded and IoT technologies, for official Microsoft courses and online training with Pluralsight. In addition to official training, he's also involved in academic and research activities and student tutoring, for internships and degree thesis projects.

He is an active member of the local community TTG - Torino Technologies Group and periodically writes or reviews articles for his blog, for Embedded101 blog and for MSDN Italy.

Antony Vitillo

PR and R&D Chief Developer

In 2007, he graduated BSc Information Technology Engineer at the Polytechnic of Turin, where he met Gianni, with whom started a great friendship and a professional collaboration.

His passion for computers made him starting programming since when he was a child, even if at that age he couldn't understand all that strange commands he was used to write on the keyboard. Nowadays, after many books and a Computer Science degree, things have not changed so much.

He loves Computer Vision: his portfolio contains one of the first EAN13 barcode scanners for Windows Phone 7, a bimanual hand tracking system from stereo video streams, an Augmented Reality 3D engine prototype (never released) and many other things (like a little project to cheat on three-in-a-row PC games).

Since 2014, he started working on all the latest technology gadgets: he loves in particular the Oculus Rift and Microsoft Kinect. Oh, well, at least he used to love them. After these years spent getting mad to make the tracking algorithms of ImmotionRoom to work well in virtual reality, he's not so sure about it anymore. He's also the PR and media manager of the company, and uses this excuse to spend hours watching photos of kittens and pandas on Reddit. He's also started a terrible blog about Virtual Reality. When he is not busy doing nerd stuff, he likes to watch sports on TV, going to the gym, studying mandarin Chinese, chasing women and playing computer games (Max Payne, UT, Starcraft and Resident Evil are some of his favorite ones).