ImmotionRoom: your full body in Virtual Reality!

Mix tracking sensors with headsets to feel the virtual become real.

ImmotionRoom is a complete suite, from developers to end users, for full body VR experiences.

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Please, read this blog post for further details

ImmotionRoom for End-Users

Walk detection

Walk nausea-free in VR, like in real life

Full-body interactions

Use your hands, your feet or whatever you prefer

Full body 360° avatar

See and feel all your body anytime

Consistent avatar*

Be yourself in every app or game
*(in future updates)

Play with your friends*

VR is more fun with local multiplayer
*(in future updates)

Go wireless

You can have full-body with mobile HMDs, too

Choose your sensor*

Cheap or expensive ones, for us are all the same
*(currently only Kinect v1 and v2 are supported)

Free your body

Works even without wearing any sensors

Mixed reality videos*

Built-in support for filming yourself while you play
*(in future updates)

ImmotionRoom SDK for Developers

Empower full-body

Your customers will be amazed from seeing themselves

Works out-of-the-box

Have great high-level features with a simple drag-n-drop

Go low-level

Full access to raw data to do what you want

Main engines integration*

Use ImmotionRoom with your favourite environment
*(currently only Unity 3D)

Cross-device SDK

Don’t care about your customers’ headset or sensor model

No VR-mode

Want to use it just to track the users’ body? That’s OK!

ImmotionRoom Apps & Games

Hit Motion (pre-alpha)

In a far away future, you’re called inside a space arena to fight against flying robots. Destroy them with any part of your body to amaze your public. Great game to stay fit in VR.

The Last Spoon (prototype)

The penalties lottery is always the toughest moment in a football match. Try to see how much you’re good at scoring in this penalties game prototype. Great game to have fun with friends.

Unity 3D Samples Pack (demo)

Get your hands dirty with ImmotionRoom with this little collection of simple scenes supporting the ImmotionRoom system. Start practicing with in-place-walking and natural hands and feet interactions.

Best Christmas 2016

Live awesome virtual reality holidays with this little Christmas greeting card! We made this to make you happy, so we hope this experience will make your heart warm.

Get ImmotionRoom


Full-body Virtual Reality Environment

A runtime to let you empower your full-body in Virtual Reality, see yourself and play using the sensors you prefer.

Download Runtime


Full-body Virtual Reality SDK

Full suite of development tools, focused on full-body Virtual Reality, easy to use and cross-platform (develop once, deploy everywhere)

Download SDK