Week 7 to WTT

by Antony Vitillo, Tuesday, November 10, 2015 at 10:45 AM

Goooood morning to all you Immotiofans! Were you wondering what we made during this week? Great! Keep reading and you’ll know!

Last week Gianni was in the U.S. to attend the Microsoft MVP Summit in Seattle (if you don’t know what a Microsoft MVP is, read this). He learned a lot talking with other members of the Microsoft community and dev teams and visited a lot of interesting labs. He showcased live our solution for the first time and obtained some good feedbacks! Hope this will be the first one of a lot of successful exhibitions!

In the meantime… I’ve done a lot of less interesting things. Bug fixing and some improvements on all the solution, bought roller-up banners and brochures, talked with the organizers about our stand logistics… and freezed my PC, that I had to reinstall from scratch (I’m very good at destroying hardware, as you can see). By the way, our branded pens have arrived… don’t you think they’re marvelous? Their shape resemble a bit the “i” of iAR! :-)

Well, I hope everything will come to a good end… goodbye!