Full body VR with HTC Vive is here and it’s great!

by Antony Vitillo, Friday, December 9, 2016 at 4:40 PM

Few days ago we made new tests with our ImmotionRoom system and HTC Vive. As we already said in our post about our first integration with HTC Vive, Vive had great interferences problems and so it was difficult to be used with our system. The headset screen became frequently grayed out and the user experience was greatly affected.

Now it seems that things have gone better: Vive and Kinect still interfer, but not as bad as before. Valve people maybe have made their tracking algorithm more robust and so now there are less problems. But yesterday we discovered another super-interesting things: the just integrated Kinect v1 does not have problems with Vive! You can put your headset straight in front of the sensor and notice no issue! It’s a super-great news!! Full body VR with Vive is finally possible!! Download ImmotionRoom and try it out!