Festival Supernova Brescia 2016

by Immotionar Team, Thursday, September 29, 2016 at 11:00 AM

From September 29th to October 2nd 2016, the third edition of the Supernova Festival, the innovation and creativity fair, will take place in Brescia (Italy). An event organized by Talent Garden, focused on innovation, technology, companies and people.

This edition will answer to the question "What is the impact of technology, innovation and creativity on the environment?". Current and future changes to the environment will be analyzed, in order to prove that technology and creativity can limit damages and improve our lives. Reality and digital world, social, sharing, virtual reality, and many more will be topics discussed in workshops and conferences.

Me, Antony Vitillo and Beppe Platania, will be speaking on Saturday October 1st, from 12PM to 2PM, presenting a workshop focused on the future of gaming, what is Virtual Reality and how to develop for it. After a short introduction to VR fundamentals, hardware and "the" Realities, we'll see how to develop using Unity 3D. We'll see how to interact and move in Virtual worlds and we'll showcase ImmotionRoom, with a short live demo.

See you in Brescia!