Road to WTT

by Antony Vitillo, Thursday, September 24, 2015 at 8:40 AM

Hello again from Turin, Italy!

Holidays have lasted too short (as always)… I had a lot of fun with my friends in southern Italy, and you? What about your Holidays? I’m just curious… let me know something in the comment section! :-)

We’re back at work! And we’ve a great announcement for you all! We'll partecipate to the WTT here in Turin! If you are wondering what the WTT is: it is the first exhibition in Italy (and maybe in Europe) dedicated completely to wearable technologies… cool, isn’t it? You can find more information at this link

We’re working very hard to take there something valuable: we are upgrading our current solution for moving and interacting within virtual worlds, wearing nothing but a pair of Oculus Rift. Do you remember the prototype we made some months ago? (If the answer is no, check this link Well, we’re trying to push it to the next level!

We believe it’s a great idea… even if it’s a bit weird taking our solutions about not wearing sensors to a wearable exhibition… :-)

Let us know what you think about our idea and share our passion!