ImmotionAR innovative Headset and Controllers

by Immotionar Team, Friday, April 1, 2016 at 1:40 PM

Hello everyone! Today we come with a huge news for you all! Something that will revolutionize the world of virtual reality!

We have tried different headsets and controllers for our ImmotionRoom solution but were never really satisfied about them. And the specs of the upcoming products by Oculus and Vive are terrible in our opinion. So we contacted some manufacturers all around the world, and with our great technology skills, we designed a brand new set of products: the SockVR headset and the BananaVR controllers!

SockVR is an innovative fabric device that you can put in front of your eyes to obtain exactly the same things provided by the other headsets:

  • You don’t see anything of the world around you. So you can play games and kicks and punchs to all the furniture surrounding you
  • Looked from the outside, you look like a complete idiot while using it


Plus, it gives lots of additional features:

  • No screen door effect
  • No motion sickness
  • 360° FOV
  • No tethering!

Its fabric is produced by an ancient Chinese shaman that will make your brain project the game images produced by your imagination in front of your eyes, that will really amaze you and will make you feel incredibly immersed! You will not believe yourself!

Look at this comparison of our product with our competitors’ ones:


But… how to interact precisely inside this dreamlike world? To obtain the level of precision we required, we built two innovative controllers: the BananaVR. Assembled by artic monkeys, this fruity controllers will make you feel like your hands are in the virtual world. It’s a sensation I’m not able to describe using my words… you should really try it yourself! Wow… it’s like… being there!

And no motion sickness, guys. Plus, if you get nausea, you can eat one of the controllers to have a fast relief! Can you have this effect with SteamVR controllers? Have you ever tried eating one of them? They are hard to crunch and taste awfully!


Using this whole system is amazing! Look at this short video of me while I use it to play Half Life 3!


The system will come with a full downloadable SDK, with APIs and plugins for Unity, UE4, XNA, Native C++, Assembly 8086 and ArnoldC. Obviously, it is fully integrated with ImmotionRoom SDK.

We’ve also made a super interesting video tutorial to teach you everything that you need to know about our system!

So… what are you waiting for? CLICK HERE TO PREORDER OUR SYSTEM and enter the future of virtual reality!